Sheepskins Rugs Care

Beautiful appearance of the sheepskins rugs for longer

Sheepskins Rugs Care

To make sure that decorative skins maintain their beautiful look and properties, it is necessary to properly take care of them. Most of all, decorative skins should be beat and aired once in a while to prevent dust, mites and undesirable odors from settling.

Sheep skins can be dry cleaned using agents to clean carpets as well as if the need arises using liquids, taking special care to ensure only the bristle gets wet; we cannot allow the skin itself to get wet. After such cleaning procedures, skins should be dried at room temperature.

For the skin to have a beautiful fluffy and floating bristle without tangles, it should be combed; it is best to do it with a dog hair brush. Skins taken care of this way will look beautiful and healthy for years.

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